Righter (demonmessiah) wrote,

why do you care

about that?

why care about anything...
what's love
why so much hate
the color of my skin defines me as a person!?
the music? clothes? language? the car I drive... what?
so before I even open my mouth I am judged... yes I'm smoking... so automatically I am what to you?
there's a rage building inside of this
I care... but starting to figure out why... why do I care? because I see you do it? because it's the right thing?
fuck no. fuck that.
I care and time and again I get drained and left behind. not anymore

why when someone treats me kindly do I question it? why is it that I can give and when someone gives to me I feel awkward? why dont I say I love you?

"you've met me at a strange time in my life."

Isn't life strange period? I mean look at it

you wake up on a slab of material covered in material. get up stretch and either take off clothes to put on different ones. or put on clothes (for those of us who sleep nekkid)
you then get in a machine powered by something people kill each other for. It might as well be power by blood.
you then go to your job where you sit at a desk, run around helping other people buy things for their houses full of stuff, or you drive more machines, dig holes, build things, heal people... whatever you do...
it's to get this piece of paper that says you have this many moar pieces of paper... and with this paper you can buy stuff... for you house, for your machine... or buy more machines... nothing is ever loud enough anymore...

not the music
not the drive
not the conversation
not the hot water spraying in my face
not the sound of a lover breathing
not the sound of a keyboard clicking
not the sound of people dying everyday having lived one of these non lives
not you shouting at me that I am a sinner and a failure

all of it is but a hum to the thrumming of anger and creation swirling around in my head like a boiling sea

I will create. I will not stop. you dont matter, I dont matter... dreams matter humanity matters.. the colony matters not but the queen must live. what's the queen for humanity?
Peace, love, unity and respect... it's made up by stupid drugs kids... but amybe that's what the world needs... MDMA administered through the water... surely the goverment has enough to put everyone on a tiny roll/buzz... things could be differnt
problem: they wont be... not until people start waking the fuck up.
Me? I think I have one eye open... still fuzzy headed... but I'm not really too asleep anymore
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